Why we started Glowlit

We started out as buyers

We were always looking for the lowest price, but unpredictable fluctuations made it difficult to make smart business decisions. We were left wondering whether it was time to stock up or wait for prices to drop.

When we looked to conventional business intelligence for help, we found guesstimates based on obscure macro-trends. These reports were expensive, and rarely gave us accurate, timely data

We thought – what if we could share anonymously the price-levels we see for a fact, and get in return information from others? So we imagined Glowlit.

Glowlit gives users access to product-specific price information, in exchange for anonymously sharing a recently paid price. This grows the Glowlit database, and allows us to offer real-time data by product, region, and volume.

We started Glowlit for one simple reason - we believe that a transparent market is a better market.

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Leadership Team

Guy Soreq

Founder & CEO

Guy Soreq has worked with raw materials for all of his life. Working for his family’s business, Sorpol, Guy sourced raw materials for the Israeli market. At McKinsey and after that at Solvay, Guy handled challenging price negotiations.
Guy received a joint degree in Chemistry and Biology (B.Sc.) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and an MBA from Columbia Business School.

Elad Avni


With more than a decade of experience pushing products and balancing between Product and Growth, for both B2C and B2B products, Elad Avni comes with a true hunger to optimize an offline industry, yearning for true change from within.